Memorise your Unikey

Your Unikey give you access to all your online systems. Memorise it and NEVER share it with anyone (it allows access to all your personal information). Use it to login into free Wifi on campus to save your data.

My Uni-what?


Pick up your student card

Don’t forget to upload a passport photo as part of enrolment to be able to collect your Student Card. You’ll need photo-ID, so bring a driver’s licence or passport with you.

What does my card do?


Plan for the year(s) ahead

Get a calendar and mark the key dates so you can plan ahead. In particular, note key semester dates and deadlines for things such as exchange opportunities, careers fairs, study breaks and exams

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Know where to find help

Our student support services are here to provide help at any point if you need it – so it’s a good idea to find out where and how to access them early on. It's also a good idea to learn the University's safety procedures to stay safe on campus. Find out about:



Improve your study skills

Find out about all our services that will help you sharpen those skills you need for success; assignment writing, English language help, anti-procrastination advice… there’s a lot of help at hand.

Which way to the brain-gym?


Complete the modules

There are a couple of online modules all commencing students are required to complete. They’re important to responsibilities as a student – you have a few weeks to complete them; but the earlier the better!



Learn how to use Canvas

Canvas is the University’s online learning space, where you’ll spend a lot of time accessing resources, forums and updates for your subjects. Use the guide to be a pro in time for tutorials.

Go do it!


Make some friends

It can be hard to make that first introduction with a stranger, but you’ll be glad when you do! Check out some tips to overcome the awkward and start making friends who’ll stick by your side all the way to graduation day (and beyond!).

Break the ice!


Get your FREE USU membership

Great news! USU membership is now 100% free for new students. That means you can join all the clubs and societies you want (and get involved in more aspects of student life)! You can also get the cash-saving Access Rewards membership for only $45, too – so sign up as soon as you can.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!


Discover your student representatives

The University’s student representative bodies protect your rights and interests. They can provide support with academic and legal matters, and also give you the opportunity to run for office and represent students at the University.

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Bookmark the student website

The current student website is a directory with all the information you’ll need throughout your degree. It also has links to all your system logins, including student email, MyUni, Canvas and Sydney Student, as well as a notice section for important announcements.

Info at your fingertips

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Get started now!

Tick off each step in our essential first-year check-list to make sure you are prepared for your transition to university. Good Luck!

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