Welcome Week FAQs

How to use the planner and general FAQs

How to use the planner

Q: Sign up

The details you enter will inform the planner which events should be suggested to you, so you don’t miss anything important. Compulsory events that you are required to attend as part of your degree will be automatically added to your schedule.

Once you've added Faculty events and events specific to your student status (for instance, welcome events for international students, exchange students, pathway students, etc) to your schedule, browse the rest of the program for more events of interest.

If you haven’t got your Student ID yet – don’t worry; just enter your details manually. Make sure you double check all your details before submitting.

If you have any issues signing up, please email us.

Q: RSVP your attendance!

For some events, we really need to know if you’re definitely coming. Double-check your schedule before Welcome Week and let us know if you can or cannot make it along to your events. Knowing numbers in advance is important so we can prepare an ideal experience for everyone (plus, there may be food involved!).

If you reset your account after registering for some events, make sure to re-confirm your attendance.

Some events (including some ticketed USU Welcome festival events) may require you to register externally outside the planner.

If you’re not sure or are having problems adding an event to your schedule – email the staff contact listed for the event.

Q: Mix it up
Welcome Week is about getting to know the University and the people you’ll be studying with. Don’t overload your schedule with too many similar events – make sure you balance out all the info sessions and workshops with some social activities. If there’s a clash, always go to your faculty session – you will have lots of opportunities to make friends, but missing out on some key course information could come back to haunt you later!
Q: On the day
Allow plenty of time to get to campus and find your way to the venue. Check public transport times early and use the directions link on the event listing in the app to be guided to the location. There’ll also be plenty of friendly helpers around to answer any questions. Never be afraid to ask, there is no such thing as a dumb question!
Q: Check off the checklist
The checklist helps you get some of the most important tasks done in between events. It also directs you to more vital information that might not be fully covered at Welcome Week. Check them all off before the end of the week and you’ll be in great shape for the start of class.
Q: Manage your schedule

Build your schedule around your Faculty and welcome events. There are filters for location, student type and topics that will help you find events that are relevant to your needs. As you build your itinerary, keep checking to make sure you don’t create clashes – and that you have enough time to get from one event to another.

We’ll inform you by a notification through the app if there are changes to events or venues throughout the week.

Q: Having problems with your planner

If you experience any difficulties signing up or experience any technical issues with the planner email us at university.communications@sydney.edu.au with a description of your problem and any accompanying screenshots.

General FAQs

Q: What is Welcome Week?

Welcome Week is a huge program of 200+ events and activities held before the start of semester that cover all aspects of university life. It is literally your big welcome to the University of Sydney, where you’ll be introduced to your faculty, your course and your fellow students.

There is also a social side, where you can break up the lessons with some fun and free stuff. The University of Sydney Union (USU) hosts the Welcome Day Festival on Monday 5 August, where you can join clubs and societies, meet new friends and enjoy free entertainment.

Q: Is Welcome Week essential to attend?

Yes. If you miss Welcome Week, you will find yourself playing catch-up for the rest of the semester. Our welcome programs are specifically designed to prepare you for success. If you are busy with other commitments, we highly recommend you at least try to attend your faculty’s welcome events.

If you can’t make it, make sure you read all the information sent to your University email account, read up on our information for new students and make sure you have completed everything that is required before classes.

Q: Do I need to register to attend Welcome Week events?

Some events that you add to your schedule will need you to register by confirming attendance in your personal schedule Remember to double check and confirm attendance on any event that prompts you.

Some particular events (including some ticketed USU Welcome festival events) may require you to register externally outside the planner.

If you’re not sure or are having problems confirming your attendance – email the staff contact listed for the event.

Q: Are all events in Welcome Week?

Most events take place between Monday 29 July and Friday 2 August, but a small number of activities are held outside of this week including the USU's Welcome Day on Monday 5 August. Check the program early and plan accordingly.

Q: What’s the difference between Welcome Week and Orientation, or OWeek? Are they the same?

Yes. We have renamed our orientation program to ‘Welcome Week’ to reflect a newer and more inclusive experience for new students joining our University community.

Q: Are there events for students from overseas?

Yes, there are many events that are specifically held to help international students get settled into Sydney. When making your travel plans, try to arrive well before Welcome Week so you’ll have more time to go to as many of these activities as possible . Sign up for activities where you will:

  • improve your Australian English language skills

  • learn about new ways of learning and studying.

  • meet local people who can help show you around the city

  • find out how to access ongoing support for the length of your degree

View all the international student events here.

Q: I am a commencing postgraduate student. Should I attend Welcome Week?

Yes. Many faculties have events for their postgraduate students and we encourage you to come even if there isn’t a session specific to your degree. Welcome Week is about meeting people, refining your skills and being welcomed into the wider University community – even if you’ve already experienced life as a student.

Q: What do I need to bring?

It depends on what event you’re going to, but in general it’s a good idea to bring something to take notes with, a drink bottle (there are water re-filling stations around campus), sunscreen and a bag for your belongings (and all the free stuff you’ll pick up along the way).

Make sure you also have your Student Card on you, or some photo identification to be able to collect it.

Q: Where can I get food? Is lunch provided?

Some of the larger faculty welcome events will be catered, so be sure to check and confirm your attendance. Otherwise, you might want to bring your own lunch and snacks, or buy food from one the outlets on campus.

The USU’s Welcome Week festival is well known for offering a steady supply of freebies, especially food and drink. Student clubs and societies often like to bring some snacks to share as well.

Q: What should I do if I need help?

Don’t be afraid to ask! Feel free to approach your fellow students or our friendly staff wearing ‘Ask me’ badges and ask about anything you can’t find or figure out during Welcome Week.

If you have a safety concern call 1800 SYD HLP (1800 793 457).

Q: Where can I go if I have an enquiry about my degree/enrolment/subject selection?

First of all, make sure to read our advice on planning your course, and take time to information contained in your course handbook.

If you’re still unsure, visit the Student Centre, make an enquiry or call 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864) to find the help you need.

Q: Is the University accessible?

Yes, the University has a number of accessibility provisions, including ramps, lifts and accessible toilets, and is committed to improving support for those with physical, visual, hearing and intellectual disabilities. There is wheelchair ramp access at the front of Great Hall and lift access to MacLaurin Hall. Allocated disabled parking bays are available in all carparks on campus. Contact Disability Services if you have specific questions about accessibility.

Q: How can I get free wi-fi access on campus?

Log into our Wi-Fi network (UniSydney) using your Unikey and password for free unlimited wifi access on campus.

Q: Invitation-only events
Some events during Welcome Week are by invitation only and may not appear in the planner. Eligible students will receive an invite via email.
Q: I have questions about a specific event – where do I go?

Each event listing has a contact email for specific enquiries. Feel free to get in touch with any questions you have.