Wed 19 Feb, 1pm - 2pm

Ní-hăo mate! (English Speakers)

Where: Fisher Seminar Room R218, Fisher Library


Here's your chance to meet and learn from your peers about Chinese language and culture!

One of the best things about coming to the University of Sydney is the opportunity to meet friends from all around the world!

For the first time this Welcome Week, the Library is providing a space for Mandarin Chinese Speakers to teach non-Mandarin speakers a little bit about the language and culture of China! In this session, you'll be put into a mixed group of language speakers, and we'll lead you through some fun group activities to help you make connections with students from a different culture!

Please note that this registration is for English Speakers only. Please note that due to the space limitation, seats will be based on first come first serve.

If you are a Mandarian Speaker and would like to attend the session, please kindly register through "Ní-hăo mate! (Mandarin Speakers) - 你好同学,可以教我中文吗?".

如果你是一名中国留学生并且希望参加此项活动,请从"Ní-hăo mate! (Mandarin Speakers) - 你好同学,可以教我中文吗?"注册参加。


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Alternative times

Thu 20 Feb, 1pm - 2pm